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1. Just press the join button to join.

2. NO Hate Art on Kiara, Kopa or Kion is Allowed!

3. Be Nice to other members.

4. All Hate comments on this group will be Reported & if continued will lead to getting blocked. Same is going if this group getting spammed with hate art.

5. NO anthro or human versions allowed.

6. Photos is ONLY allowed if its for your art, NOT for plushies or toys.

7. NO Toys or Plushies allowed.

8. NO Adoptions/Adoptables/Auctions allowed in this group since its focusing on Kiara, Kopa & Kion and their families, friends. Fan Cubs to them CAN NOT be in adoptables pictures or it will be Denied.

9. NO crossovers allowed.

10. If there is something you wonder of or dont understand about the group Plz then feel free to ask.

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Mini Comics
Forgotten first born (Cover ) by Dragrrr
Fallen  by Dragrrr
Bye, Bye little prince... by Dragrrr
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-Gift- Cub Kiara by TheLaserBeam
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Kiara by cherrybo
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The Fiercest by Saakumi
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Kopa Alone Only
Prince Kopa by Pouasson-de-oro
Kopa(remake) by ZarZar98
Who is Kopa? by Panther85
Kiara with Kion or Kopa in group togeter
Happy Siblings by FeyNeko
Kiara, Kopa And Kion by MissArtsyy
You have to stand out for yourself by llEeckranistll
Kopa, Kion, and Kiara by CassandraMarteena
Kiara and Kion and Kopa With their family
Daddy Simba's Affections. .:.Sketch. by Xx-JungleBeatz-xX
I Failed to Protect you by Xx-JungleBeatz-xX
Storytime with grandma by Shadeila
Simba knows when to be Professional. by Xx-JungleBeatz-xX
Kiara, Kion and Kopa With their friends
Learning things about you by Saakumi
And don't come back! by SashaShasta
AT: Told ya by Musicalmutt2
Kopa's Gang by HydraCarina
Kiara, Kion and Kopa with others animals
Queen Kiara by BlazingBlackMage
the guardian is here by salem20
Kopa and the thingy by Takadk
TLG: Kion and Janja by nadairead
Other Official Pridelander or Outlanders
Reunited by Shema-the-lioness
Sweet and Obedient by valued-vestige
Never Forget... by Sarn-Elyren
Kiara's Pride by TheLaserBeam
OCs with Kiara or Kion or Kopa or all three
The Lion King 2 needed hyenas by VampireMeerkat
Kiara X Kovu Art
The new kings. by Camii97
Kion X Fuli Art
There's A Calm Surrender by The-Hare
Kopa X Vitani Art
Cubhood charm by Iva-Inkling
Animations and Icons
Kion animation test by TC-96
Kion stamp by svartmoon


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yeah we all remembered PolancoEmi123 he is now at a account named  Emiliobambi

im not using a icon this time so he wont get a "mention" in his notifications.

you know he said he stop with the butts?

Kiara's Butt Itch by Emiliobambi

Mature Content

Rafiki's Blessing of Kiara by Emiliobambi

those is new in his gallery and sure he put "mature" on them but beware if ya dont want it in your groups and block him there.

oh and i see him spamming tlk groups that "accepts automatically" with pictures like these

The Peregrine Lioness is out of The SteamWorks by Emiliobambi
The Peregrine Lioness's New Emblem by Emiliobambi
Kiara and FS's Reaction to Peregrin Lioness by Emiliobambi

and to finish this up he asks if people likes his base…  where it is horse butt bases.  

ask people for butt commissions…

and look at this comment…

so thats all from me just wanted to hint he may be back to old habbits and if ya dont want "lion-trains" pictures spammed to the groups.
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It's important, they are making money off stolen artwork. The artists need to know
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Oh wait never mind I misread rule 8. I thought ment literally nothing but the 3. Sorry
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